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5 Best Clever Whatsapp Tips You Should Know


Whatsapp become very addictive app which is now hard to get rid of for today’s generation.Whatsapp have some drawbacks and thats why some people have fear to use it.So here have solution for it and the solution is very simple.We can use Whatsapp with clever.Yes here are 5 best Clever Whatsapp Tips to use it daily.

Top 5 Clever Whatsapp Tips

Never Get Ignored in Whatsapp group – If you having a own Whatsapp group or you are in some other group and want to know who is ignoring you in group that you can easily catch him out.This option is already inbuilt in Whatsapp but very less people know this option.Well this way is pretty simple just keep pressing the message that you have sent in group and after that the ‘i’ button will appear on the top of group just click this button and get full detail of you message that who had read your message and to whom the message got delivered.This will work for both iPhone and Android phones.


You can enlarge the image by clicking on it.

Prevent Saving pictures in Gallery – Many type of pictures sent in whatapp everyday and some of them are worth deleting.So here we have way for Android users to get rid of unwanted images to save in your gallery.

This can be done by creating an empty file in your file explorer.You can use ES File Explorer.You can get it from Google Play Store. After installing just open any image or video folder in file explorer and you will find button below on left hand side to create a new file just click on it and name it as .nomedia . After that you are done.This will help you keep away Whatsapp images that may be sent through a group or others.

Use Whatsapp from Your Switched Off Number – You can change your whatsapp number any type and you just need to reinstall whatsapp again.

Go to Whatsapp Settings > Accounts > Change Number

After that just verify your new number with Whatsapp. Remember Whatsapp number is only a display number therefor you can use switched off number for your Whatsapp.After verification process you may switch of your number and Whatsapp will not ask you to again verify the number.This trick is very useful for those who want keep secret their identity.

Find Best friend on Whatsapp – If you are interested to know your Whatsapp stats then you will sure like this app which is ‘Whatstat’.This application is specially developer for whatsapp.This application helps to know your full Whatspp states like who is your best friend and to find top groups in your Whatsapp.This application also tell you that what time you are active on Whatsapp most.

Hiding a last Seen – Hiding a last seen is most searched topic by people and thats why Whatsapp added the option in app.Now you can easily hide Whatsapp last seen by going here Settings>Account>Privacy>Last Seen.Here you can select any option to whom you want to display your last seen.There are three option Everyone,My Contacts and Nobody.You may choose any as your choice.

There are many apps of Play store that can help you to hide your last seen.Here we have suggestion for you to always go with the app that is developed by verified developer and that have maximum ratings and maximum downloads.

So thats all Whatsapp Tips that can help you to use Whatsapp without any fear.Hope you liked our article and be sure to share with your friends.