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Best Facebook Tricks Collection Including Page Verify

We nothing need to explain what is Facebook but still here i will ask one thing about it that Facebook is a social media website and another internet giant after Google.Everyone using Facebook and one of the main reason is to use Facebook that it is easier way to connect with friends and also Facebook often launches new things to increase user experience.


It is much sure that you are using Facebook from long time but you might don’t know everything about it.Sometimes you are annoyed with some features of Facebook and you always want to get rid of it and sometimes you want to know the tricks that your friends are using but you don’t know how to do it.So here we are covering many hit Facebook tricks like Increasing your post like Increasing Followers,Verify Facebook page and much more great Facebook tricks.So without getting your more time lets head over to our tricks.

Best Facebook Tricks of all time


So first lets make a list that what Facebook tricks you are going to learn today.We are revealing many Facebook tricks  and these tricks are :

  • Create stylish text for wall posts
  • Non clickable Profile Picture
  • Single click invite or select all friends
  • Find unique messages
  • unlimited likes on post for free
  • Block annoying game requests
  • Facebook Page verify trick

So this is all we are going to share today.Lets move towards first trick.

Creating Stylish Text and Statuses

If you are using Facebook from long time then you have seen many people posting their statuses in different styles text art that really looks nice.So how they get these text arts?



There is one site called Fsymbols that provides these text arts with many more creative things.You can simply get these text arts by clicking here.All you have to do just go there and copy your favourite art and paste it on Facebook you can use them either for Status update or in private messages.You can also generate your own stylish text by going here.

Non clickable Profile Photo

Facebook provided many privacy settings to user to hide their sensitive information but you will never find the option to hide your profile picture.Profile picture is visible to everyone as long as you do not remove it but still you can secure your image by making it non clickable.If your profile picture is non clickable no one can save it and view it in full screen.

You can do it by just 3 simple steps.

  1. First go to profile pictures album.
  2. Choose your current image or which you want to make non clickable.
  3. Edit your privacy Public to only me.

Check below screenshot for help.


Invite all Facebook friends in Single click

Inviting your all Facebook friends in group,event or for page is always a tough job if you have huge friend list and sometime you left this work of inviting in the middle.If you have 1000 or more friends and you are inviting them for liking you page and if you invited all friends you will definitely get 200 or 300 likes from your friends.If you are not inviting your all friends for page/group/events just because this work is boring then it is a big loss to you.So here we have way to invite all friends in single click to save your time.Follow the steps below.

  1. First copy this script

    var inputs = document.getElementsByClassName(‘uiButton _1sm’); for(var i=0; i<inputs.length;i++) { inputs[i].click(); }

  2. Now go to page or group and open invite friends dialogue box and load all your friends by scrolling down.
  3. Now press F12 or ctrl+shift+I to open developers tools and click on Console from the upper tabs.
  4. Paste the copied script their and hit Enter.

After that you will get all your friends invited for page.Please note keep open invite friends dialogue box till at the end.

Find unique messages

Did you clicked anywhere instead of inbox to read your Facebook messages?If no then you are missing many messages that can be of your friends that are not in your friend list but you may know them.This happens to me today.I was reading my Facebook messages and luckily i clicked other messages and i found my friends messages that were my classmates in past school but not are in my friend list.

So i recommend you to must check “other messages” in Facebook because that can be of your old friends.To check these messages click on messages on Facebook then click on “other” from it.Look out screenshot below.



Note : Please be careful when replying to these messages because they can also be spam messages.

Unlimited likes for Facebook status or Photo

You might have seen that some people getting number of likes on their Facebook post although they don’t have much comments on post and also not have huge friend list to reach that amount of likes which they getting on post.Don’t be shocked of their likes actually some of them are getting fake likes from some kind Auto liker.

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Auto liker gives you many likes on Facebook post.To get likes on your post you just have to go any Auto liker website and add app on Facebook which they ask you to add and get token to get likes.It seems to be good but the truth about auto liker is when you are getting like on your FB post and on same time you are also liking someones Statuses or photos that you don’t know.So its all depends upon you to use Auto liker or not.You can find many Auto liker websites through Google.

Blocking Annoying Game requests

If you are thinking why people send you Game requests although they know that you don’t like to play games.Actually some of Facebook games needs friends help to unlock next levels like candy Crush Saga,Farm Hero and many more thats why your friends sending you requests.

These crappy requests makes me annoyed too so i took an action and blocked all the game requests and now its your turn.Follow these steps to block game requests.

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Find Apps from the menu in right side if you are using desktop version.
  3. Click on App from which you don’t want requests.
  4. After that change the Notifications button from “yes” to “No”. [See Screenshot below]


How To Verify Your Facebook Page

Just after Twitter,Facebook also started giving verified sign (Blue Tick) to users.You can easily recognized real people and pages that have blue tick on it.To get this verified sign is not an easy job and not everyone can get this.You can get this verify sign if you are Celebrity,Government’s Official and if you have popular brand or business.I would like to mention here that i have seen many websites pages also getting this blue tick of verify.So you can also try if you have any popular website.


To get this blue tick of verify you need to submit application to Facebook and after their approval you will get this verify badge.

Before submitting form for verification please get ready these documents to attach in form.You will need any proof that will verify your identity to Facebook and picture of request letter in you own hands and your own signature at the end.

In request letter you simply have appeal Facebook to verify your page and give details about you and your page.After all you are ready to submit your application through forum.Forum link to submit request is below.

[sociallocker]Submit Request[/sociallocker]

After submitting form please be patient it can take some time.Facebook will reply you with your application status within 48 hours or less.

The above listed tricks are tested by us and working.If you have any query regarding any trick then please feel free to ask in comments.

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