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Creating valuable and unique content that promotes your business and engages customers happens to be a top priority for marketers and its importance will continue to grow in the years to come. A well-researched content strategy based on data and segmentation is crucial for the success of those inbound marketing efforts.

Are you just getting started with the implementation of a content marketing strategy?

Having a strategic plan for content creation and management will help you align the strategy with your business goals. According to Content Marketing Institute data, 80 percent of B2B marketers have a content marketing strategy. Lead generation is a top goal for the 85 percent of the companies doing content promotion and sales come as a second top priority. In addition, 76 percent of marketing experts say that they plan to produce more content in 2016

Jumping on this bandwagon will give you a wonderful opportunity to boost marketing ROI and get your audience engaged. The good news is that you can rely on various tools to simplify the process of content creation.

What Tools You Can Use For Better Content Creation?

Content remains one of the most valuable assets of a company’s online presence. Depending on your goals you can use a range of tools that will ease the process of brainstorming and creating quality content.

Tools for Website Content

Website visitors love reading list-style articles and the tool allows you to experiment with different topics. You can create a list, embed it in your website and allow people to add information. Thus, you’ll increase engagement and take an advantage of user-generated content. is also an excellent tool for doing topic research and getting inspired.


Errors in your writing are one of the biggest indicators of sloppiness. When you’re not a trained copywriter, however, it may be difficult to spot the mistakes. Grammarly is a tool that checks for grammatical errors, suggests optimization words and helps with ensuring the flow of the text. You can check all kinds of writing – articles, emails, presentations or social media posts.


Writing creative and fun titles is a challenging task even for experienced writers. Using a headline analyzer will make the process a bit easier. CoSchedule is one such tool – just paste your headline and the platform will analyze the length, structure and readability. You will also get tips on how to improve the respective title.  

Tools for Visual Content Creation


You can create a beautiful image with a caption in just a few minutes. Canva allows you to choose among dozens of pictures, icons, graphic and other visual elements. You can also use infographics templates and just to add your data. Canva offers cloud-based storage and you can save your visuals through the platform to access them anywhere later on. If you prefer, you can use premium images at the price of one dollar.


The Evernote image app is available for download on your computer or smartphone. You can easily make visual corrections by adding marks, shapes, lines or you can write directly on an image. It’s a great tool for team communication on visual projects. You can also use it to create manuals for your users and customers. There is a great option to save all Skitch images in PDF form so that the outcome of your efforts can be shared easily.    



An infographic is the simplest way to present complex data or statistics to online audiences. Piktochart is the perfect online tool for making your own infographics. You can use pictures from the Piktochart gallery or your own computer. Different themes are available and you are free to adjust the basic components of each template. While most graphics and infographic elements are free, you can also use the Piktochart premium services for a reasonable payment.

Email Marketing Content Tools


Mailchimp is very popular because it’s the perfect tool for small business owners that can dedicate a limited budget to marketing. Mailchimp features ready-to-use templates that you can customize by adding text and changing colors. The platform provides great features for bigger businesses, as well. Depending on your needs, you can choose among a few monthly subscription plans. Mailchimp produces insightful reports, it tracks data and targets your specific audience.

Once you create an email that will attract your target audience and will boost the visibility of your business, you have to keep an eye on the audience’s response. Using marketing automation tools allows you assess the behavior of prospects for the quality lead generation. Pardot creates targeted messages based on the activity of your potential clients.

Quality Content Generation Tools

Paper Writing Service

Writing in-depth reports featuring valuable and practical information is a tough job. Whitepapers aim to establish a company as an industry leader because they’re in-depth reports. You may be a specialist in a certain area but writing a quality whitepaper requires more than know-how. Opt for professional writers and specialist to write the document for you. allows you to take advantage of proven specialists on a wide range of topics and to have a professionally-created whitepaper every single time.

eBook Distribution

Sending an ebook as a gift to your subscribers can help you accomplish a lot in terms of building customer loyalty. You can create a book based on your business experience or you can use the information in your blog to simplify things. For ebook creation, you can rely on a vast range of writing and publishing services. After you have the ebook written, you can try distribution platforms like or the industry leader – Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing.

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     Final Words

Bookmark the tools that are best suited to your needs and that will come in handy in your daily content creation efforts. Needless to say, most content marketers rely on a medley of tools that simplify the task of putting content together and monitoring the response of the audience. The more committed you are to boosting the effectiveness of the campaign, the higher the ROI is going to be.