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8 Cool Tricks to Get the Best Out of Snapchats


If you are a social media enthusiast, you must have heard about Snapchat which is storming the world of social media these days. Snapchat is a really popular application right now with downloads in millions. People of all age groups have started using this and they are simply in love with this. However, you can get the best out of this app by learning some of the hidden tricks that can take things to another level. Here is a list of some of the cool hidden tricks for Snapchat that you must check out and get inspired to try:

8 Coolest Snapchat Tricks  2016

Alter the emoji

Snapchat may not reintroduce the best friends but the emoji for friend offers a lot of fun in the way you decide to interact with the friends you have on Snapchat. To know more about the feature you will have to go to the Menu that says ‘Additional Services’.

Adding more color to the pictures using emoji

You will have access to the emojis within the app to add some edge to the photos. You can select an emoji and increase the size till it gets pixilated. Then move about the pixilated area so that it resembles a filter.

Add friends without using their numbers

The ‘Add Nearby’ feature in this app permits friends to connect with one another but to do that they have to be in the same area. You have to click on the ‘Add Friends’ option and then select the ‘Add Nearby’ option.

Save data with the travel mode

Most Snapchat users are well acquainted with the fact that the application can drain the juice from your battery. However, the app has a feature that conserves data and it is called ‘Travel Mode’. When the feature is enabled it stops stories and pictures from being downloaded. Click on the ‘Additional Services’ and then select ‘Manage’ to use the travel mode.

Insert more text to your pictures

In order to insert more text to your pictures, use the ‘Note’ application to select a wide variety of texts and then copy them to the clipboard. Open the Snapchat application and paste them in the space for the text.

Change your snapchat name

You can get a glimpse of your contacts details from the chat, click on the ‘Hamburger’ option on the left corner and you can view your contacts in ‘Snapcode’. You are permitted to make changes to the friend’s name. You can remove or block contacts too. Changing a contacts name is a good thing as the app arranges them alphabetically.

Two step verification to secure the account

You can enable verification for login to protect your account from being misused. You will not be permitted to use your account from any other device unless you enter a special code. You can simply go to the settings of the app and then click on ‘Login Verification’. You will then be sent a code which you will have to punch in to access the app.

Utilizing multiple filters

You can add sheen to your picture by adding more than one filter to your pictures. In order to do this, you need to swipe the screen to use the first filter, and then hold the screen and swipe again for the second filter. By making use of this trick you can make your picture look superb in no time.

So, you can see how using these tricks you can get the very best out of your Snapchat application. These hidden tricks are difficult to find but once you do, your Snapchat experience will not be the same again. If you haven’t tried using this amazing application yet, then get a smart phone right today using the offers on Amazon and try these tricks out to have a great experience!

We will post another article about Snapchat trophy case and how get more trophies on snapchat.

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