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Create Disposable Email Address In a Sec With Mailinator

In the growing world of internet an email address is a main requirement to send or to get from someone.Everyone can give his email address to trusted person to get something from it and what when if you are giving your email address to any unknown person? Of course it is not secure to share your personal information with anyone.So at that time there is solution by creating a disposable email address to get a files from someone.

Creating a disposable email address is very simple and you can create one in just a secs.Here is one website that give you service to create free disposable email address and that is Mailinator.There are many benefits to use this service and these are right below.

  • It can be created in a few minutes or less.
  • No need to fill password to log in your can easily access your inbox anytime.
  • You can give your this email to anyone to get files and no need to give your own personal email address.
  • The Mailinator is popular among many users and its fast and reliable.

Now you got to know merits of disposable email address but there are some demerits you also need to know them.So here what things not to do with Disposable email address.

  • Mailinator don’t provide privacy to users as it is cleared by Mailinator in its privacy policy.
  • All email addresses are public so anyone can read or check out your email address anytime.

So now you got an introduction with Mailinator so lets get start by creating free Disposable Email Address.Get the full guide to get email with mailinator with pictures.

Creating Free Disposable Email Address Full Tutorial

There are many websites where you can get disposable email address but we prefer you to go with mailinator.We already introduced you with it and now follow the steps to create one for you.

Sign up Process

There is no sign up process and this is best feature you may like.You can get your email by going to Mailinator and type the name on which you want your email and click check it.Look out the image for help.

This is how Mailinator’s homepage looks like.


Inbox Of Mailinator

After clicking check it you will reach out your public inbox and here you will find your email that you can share with your friends to get files.In this tutorial we choose the name Sendmefile and this is how our Email looks like can create any that you like.Check out the picture below to see how email address looks like and where you can get your disposable email address.



Everytime you want to get file from anyone you can simply give out your this disposable email address and you can get your file by checking your inbox at mailinator.

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Mailinator have some limitations with free accounts so the site have some subscription plans for users at very cheap price.You can take look to this plans from this page or simply look out image below.



Before proceeding please check the important page of Mailinator site like privacy policy.So do enjoy with your Free Disposable Email Address.

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