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8 Tips on Creating Viral Social Media Content For Your Blog


The point of your social media activity is to get your opinions, images, and articles through to as many people as possible. Don’t be humble; there is nothing unusual in your desire to get many followers, likes and shares. Are you’re trying to promote a business, website, blog, or any type of product or service? Then, creating viral content is one of the most prominent goals on your list.

How exactly do you get a great number of people to share and like your content? If you follow the viral trends, you might not notice a universal rule. People are amazed by the most unexpected things. That’s the word: unexpected! You need to surprise the audience with an unusual approach, but you also need to offer content with universal value. How exactly can you achieve that? Follow these 8 tips; they will help you create content with potential of becoming viral.

8 Secrets of Creating Viral Content on Social Media

1. Choose the right time for social media your posts

You were awake in the middle of the night, so you decided to share a catchy tweet that just came to your mind? Do you usually post Facebook updates in the middle of conventional working hours? That’s not a smart thing to do.

The activity on different social media platforms varies throughout the day. You need to post when the greatest number of users are active on the particular platform. According to the experience from viral social media marketing, it would be best to share your updates during the early or late working hours. When people get to work, they spend some time on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest just to relax before they get serious. At the end of the working hours, they have covered most of their responsibilities, so they have few spare moments to spare on social media.

Of course, these assumptions may not work for everyone, simply because we all have a different audience. Monitor the activity of your followers and you’ll know when the activity on your feed achieves its peak. That’s when you want to share your content.

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2. Target the right audience

If you want to do well on a particular social network, then you have to think about the interests of the audience you’re targeting. For example, maybe your goal is not to get a ton of retweets, but you want to get your content featured on the front page of Digg. The key to success is to provide content that most people on that particular platform would benefit from.

What are the topics that resonate with your target audience? If you hit the right spot, you’ll get tons of shares because your updates will seem important.

3. Keep up with the trends

Social media trends

You can’t create random content and cross your fingers in hope it would become viral. You have to examine the viral trends in order to figure out the pattern in your industry. Analyze different social media platforms and see what topics are trending every day. This will help you understand the interests of your target audience, so you’ll be able to come up with content that would fit among the viral trends.

When your audience wants to talk about a particular topic and likes sharing important content related to it, you’ll immediately know what to focus on. You just need to discover the trends, find out what the influencers have to say about them, and offer something better.

4. Be different

Don’t worry; this tip is not contradictory to the previous one. You do need to follow the viral trends, but you should approach them from a different perspective. As someone who’s creating online content, you need to have a recognizable identity that leaves a mark in the online world.

Your competition is following the trends too. You can’t post the same things they have already covered. Make a unique point and engage the audience by approaching the same trends from a different point of view.

5. Be controversial

People get intrigued by controversial topics, regardless whether they like the content or not. If you intrigue them, they will read what you have to say. Then, they will share the content with their own comments, so you’ll get even more attention by their followers on social media. Don’t get too worried about opposite opinions; they only make your content more viral.

Any publicity is good publicity, remember? Be bold and don’t avoid controversial topics. For example, you can always attract attention when writing about abortion, religion, and Donald Trump. Even the simplest topic can become controversial when you approach it from another angle. For example, you can write an article 10 Reasons Why I Hate Evernote. Everyone loves Evernote, so people will be intrigued to see what you have to say, and they will definitely argue with you on social media.

Of course, you should not look like you’re trying too hard. The main rule is to stay honest even when you’re controversial.

6. Be inspirational

Inspire on Social media

People have problems. They struggle with anxiety, depression, failed dreams, and many other problems we can only imagine. Do you know how to help them change your life? Maybe you can inspire them to make a change by learning something new, exercising, cooking, or anything else you can write skillfully about.

When you impact people’s lives, they will be thrilled to share that inspiration with others. Everyone needs to start seeing the good in this world. The best way to write inspirational content is to offer useful tips that will change people’s habits.

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7. Awaken their emotions

If your content activates people’s emotional side, you’ll hit the jackpot. They will most likely share it and talk about it. Do you know those videos of elderly couples showing their love for each other? They get shared with the speed of light. If you can make people laugh, cry, or think about the complexity of life with the content you provide, you’ll reach their deep emotions, and you’ll benefit from that connection.

The high-arousal emotion can be positive or negative. You can awaken surprise, joy, anger, anxiety, love, and any other emotion you want to aim for.

8. Create lists. They always work!

Are there online readers who hate listicles? If there are, they are certainly a minority. Most people just love lists. They are useful, they provide tons of information that sticks within one’s memory, and they are fun to read. A list on a fun topic is a certain bet that you’ll get loads of love and shares on social media.A few example of lists are below.

11 Popular Websites for College Students

31 Amazing and Coolest Trick That you Don’t know

17 Weirdest but Interesting Websites to Visit Now

You can take any number you want. Of course, you can’t create a list of one or two tips. Aim for at least five. According to an unwritten rule in content marketing, even-numbered lists gain more attention. Don’t ask for an explanation; it just seems that people like even numbers more.

A listicle looks great when you’re trying to promote it on Facebook or Twitter. For example, you can post something like “Check out these Top 12 Tools that Will Improve Your Taste in Music”. When someone sees such an invitation, he’ll know exactly what he is going to get with your article. He will read it, and he’ll probably share it if he discovers something useful in it.

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Viral Content Is a Puzzle that You Can Easily Solve

You might get confused if you try to analyze the trends in your niche. Viral content seems to have a random pattern. You never know what the audience is going to like. When you look a bit deeper, you’ll notice predictable schemes that will help you cater to the interests of your audience. Follow the 8 tips provided above and you’ll achieve the status viral at one point or another.

Do you have another way to get your Content viral? Then share with us below in comments.

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