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Monetize Your Website With Google Consumer Surveys

Today everyone wants to earn from home and of course it is very good for students who are studying and also wants to earn from free time.So this post is for those who want to earn from their website contents.


Most of you are may be using Google Adsense to earn revenue from website contents and of course you are familiar with it.Here we have another Google’s service to let you know.Here is chance for website owners to become a publisher of Google Consumer Surveys.Lets look what is Google Consumer Surveys ? How Can Your earn from it and What are Advantages and Disadvantages of Google Consumer Surveys?

What is Google Consumer Surveys?

Google Consumer Surveys is a best way to earn from website by just doing simple surveys on your own website.These surveys will be managed by Google.You must have your own website and a Adsense account to signup for This.

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Survey pay you 0.05$ for every question.Its a very good method to increase your revenue with Google Adsense for your website.If you have Google Adsense and want to earn more then this could be very useful for you because these are not ads this is just survey.So your website will not be over rushed with Ads.


How To Earn From Google Consumer Surveys

Let me explain in details ”How to increase your revenue with Google by putting some survey questions in your website and EARN $0.05 Per Answer”.
When a user visits on your website a pop up window will appear below the content of your post and few questions will appears in front of your viewer to answer. Every time the site visitor click on the survey question and answer it you will earn $0.05 from per question.

Example : You added a 5 question in a survey on your website if the visitors of your website answer all 5 survey question you will earn 0.05$ x 5 = 0.25$ from this survey.If your website have 1000 unique visitors daily and suppose from 1000 visitors 500 answered your questions in survey.Look how much you will earn.

1 question gives you 0.05$ and you have 5 questions in survey then you can earn 0.25$ from 1 visitor as shown above.

and for 500 visitors it will make you.

500 x 0.25=125$

Is it good enough 🙂

Now look out some advantages and disadvantages of Google Consumer Surveys.


1. Just like Google Adsense ”Google Consumer surveys” also pays huge click through rate.

2. It also Works on mobile and friendly with all mobile browsers.

3. Google consumer surveys shows relevent surveys according to your content.If you have a lifestyle blog then they will show survey related to lifestyle.

4. Google surveys Provide you best navigation feautures and allow you to add survey below the post, below the title, sidebar, footer.

5. CPC 0.05$ Per Question which is pretty good.


1. Google consumer surveys only works when a visitors from USA, UK & Canada visits on your website and attempt this survey.If you have a huge amount of traffic from these countries then you must have to sign up to Google consumer surveys
2. You must have a fully approved adsense account to run Google consumer survey on your website.
3. Non hosted adsense account do not work with google consumer surveys.
4. Mainly sometimes visitors click on skip button and skipped the surveys.If you have a low quality visitors on your site and it may decrease your revenue.

Over To You

If you have a site that is only targeting US,UK Visitors then you should give it a try once.

So we have explained much about Google Consumer Surveys.In case we have missed something you may directly go to Google Consumer Surveys web page and get required information from there.