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How To Create Social Media Posts To Engage More People


Social media is considered to be the best way to market your content. Gone are the days where people relied on social media only for communication. Social media platforms are networks that not only people get to catch up about what’s trending but an avenue for bloggers and writers to share their content. Even so, creating content that will make your fans read and share is difficult tasks.

There are numerous aspects that you have to consider in order to capture the attention if the reader. This article is aimed at giving you inspiration through useful tips and pointers on how to create a useful social media post that will make your readers want to read.

Tips To Create Better Social Media Posts

Know your audience

The first step to writing a compelling and engaging media post is to first of all know your audience.Do a thorough and in-depth research on the type of posts they normally read, age of the readers, and where they come from. By knowing all these aspects, you will be in a good position to write a post that they can easily relate to. Furthermore, get to know different characteristics of readers in different social networks.

Twitter for example is known for critical readers who have an eye for detail. On the other hand, facebook users like engaging content. After having in-depth knowledge of these readers, you can then decide on the angle to relay your message, the stories to tell and the jokes to trough at them.

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Ask questions

How do you ask questions in a post? On which part of the post will i pose the question? What kind of questions should i ask? Well, these are some of the questions you have to ask yourself first before writing the post. It is important to note that questions in a post are aimed at promoting engagement with the reader. They are ways to capture the attention of the reader.

Now for the first question, try as much as possible to ask questions naturally. The questions should be related to the post you are writing and should make the reader curious. Don’t force a question in your post. As for which part of the post you should ask a question, the answer is basically anywhere in the post. However, it is recommended to ask a question in the first paragraph of the post.

This way, the reader will want to answer the question by reading further. Finally, the kind of questions you should ask plays a big role in determining the quality of your post. As mentioned, you should first of all ask questions that directly relate to the topic of your post. Secondly, the question should be designed to trigger curiosity in the readers mind. That way, your social media audience will be glued to your posts.

Utilize writing platforms

It goes without saying that content creation (especially social media posts) is a difficult task even for the most accomplished writers. You have to create content that will be liked by the readers in a bid to market your content. Failure to do so is always catastrophic. However, the biggest challenge is to find time to write such compelling contents.

This will often take 4-5 hours depending on the nature and length of the content. Additionally, you will have to do adverse research before doing the actual writing, which awfully takes a lot of time. The remedy to this is to utilize writing platforms on the internet. They come in many shapes spending on the niche topic you want.

Most of these platforms like Aussiewriter, have professional writers who are masters in delivering social media creation at the least time possible and at very pocket friendly cost. You can utilize such services to get customized content for your social media posting and save a lot of time and money.

Consider the structure of your post

Social media posts involve story telling. Readers love good stories that pass a good message. Even so, writing a god story is a tricky affair. There are myriads of things to consider with the structure of the story being at the top. How will you organize your posts? How many paragraphs will they have?, will you include subheadings? What will be the length of the post? These are some of the few things to consider before starting the actual writing.

Thanks to the internet, there is an array of applications that can help you organize your story well. One of them is the Freytag’s pyramid, which is a powerful story telling framework. Moreover, ensure that your story aligns well with your reader. It should have relevance that a reader can easily relate to.

Include humour in your content

It goes without saying that everybody loves humour. A good social media post involves content that will make the reader laugh after a busy day. That way the reader will want to continue reading your content. You can develop your media post to be humorous and at the same time pass important information to the content. Humour should be simple. Add jokes that can relate directly to the reader.

By doing this, you will be developing a good relationship with the reader and the reader will ask for more. Even so, you should take caution to avoid humour that touches on political, religious or ethical lines. Some readers can receive your humour negatively thus tarnishing your post completely. Stick to the general themes. Also, try as much as possible to include original jokes in your content. Readers hate plagiarized content and this can water down your post. In order to accomplish this, ensure to bring out your personality in the post.

Include inspirational quotes


In order to create a rainbow of fan base, you should include inspirational quotes in your post. No one hates to be inspired, that’s why you will grow your fan base of readers by including such quotes. One thing to consider however is your reader’s perspective. This will give you an insight on what your readers expect and succeed in giving them motivating them to achieve it. Getting inspirational quotes that are original is a daunting task for all writers. It is of utter importance to utilize online applications like Dailyworth to get quotes that directly relate to your topic niche.

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Final Words 

These all are tested ways to get more attention of social media fans.No need to advertise for it just follow these organic ways and see the results.

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