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Enhance Android Security With These 4 Tips

Technology has grown very swiftly and there number products comes everyday to make our work easier and smooth.So as you know smartphone is the only product that is used by billions of people and most of them are on Android Platform.As you know android has many features and there are many applications available on play store that are loved millions of people and i am from them.

Smartphone must have connected to Internet to enjoy its some features and if it is connected to Internet then it is sure you are in risk of online attackers.Well it is not only the risk there are offline fears like your smartphone got missed or stolen.So in this post you can enhance your android security with these easy awesome tips.

Android developed many features to make sure their users are secure enough and android also added many privacy options to keep users safe as it is first need of all.So have a look to these 4 Tips that is specially for android users to live safe in android world.

Increase Android Security With These Simple Tips

Activating Device Manager

It is important and first need of all of users.Device Manager works as life saver of your phone.If you are out of home and you pat your pocket and you found something is missing and then you realize that your phone is missing.It is always bad dream that nobody want to watch so what if it happens with you not in dream but in real life.Yes of course you will get fear and this fear is happen to everyone because you paid heavy amount for buying your smartphone.So on that stage device manager will help you out.look out how.

You can found and activate device manager from your android phone by going in settings.Follow the path below.

Settings > Security > Device Administration > Android Device Manager


Android device manager allow you to track your phone through GPS and also you can ring you phone with full volume.This will help you to find out your smartphone.To use android device manager follow the steps below.

  • Go to Google Play¬†and sign in with your Gmail ID that you was using on your phone.
  • Click on Gear icon on top right corner then click and choose Android Device Manager.


Encrypting Your Data

To Encrypt your data means to set up pin or code for your device.It will ask you for password when you will restart your phone.It will never ask for password when you will lock your device it only works on restart.After activating it your data will be safe if your phone got stolen.

Look out the path to Encrypt Your Data.

Settings > Security > Encrypt Phone


Avoid SD Card for Storing Personal Data

Everyone use SD Card in their smartphones of course it is the basic need of everyone to get some additional storage for your phone.As you know SD Card is very small and it can be easily get out of from your phone.In case you have gave your smartphone to unknown person he can easily steal your SD card.You will feel secure on that moment if you have not saved any personal data like your photos,passwords and credit card like information on your SD Card.So always be sure to never save these information in your phone if you want to save then always save in it device memory.

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Never Root Your Smartphone

Most of people root their smartphones to add some extra features that are not provided be company.Rooting of smartphone is no recommended by companies if you are Rooting your smartphone then it simply means that you are tampering with your privacy.People thinks that rooting will give more privacy option and in some cases they are right but to make sure to keep your privacy forever you can download any third party app instead of rooting.

Bonus Tip : Install An Mobile Antivirus

Antivirus is very first need of every PC users and they know well that how an antivirus protect their PC as well as Antivirus is also available on mobile phones and it can be downloaded and installed from Play Store.

Antivirus helps you to scan your mobile and it will find infected file,malware and bad settings.You can fix all of them with the help of Antivirus.Good Antivirus always make your phone to run smoother like butter.

Final words

As Technology and internet world grown significantly and Online attackers also got more ways to attack your privacy.So these are some basic settings and tips we provided in our post to make your Android Security better.If you liked this post spread the words by sharing and if your found we have missed something you can comment below and let us know.

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