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Games That You Can Always Play Without Internet and Downloading

Some people really don’t like to download and play games on their devices but sometime when your internet is not working or you are feeling bored then games are the best solution to set your mood..So this post has a permanent solution for those who don’t want to download any game on their devices and also don’t have internet connection.

In this post you will know how to reveal those hidden games in your devices that you don’t know.

Games That You Can Play Without Internet and Downloading

#1 Android Phone’s Hidden Game

Do you have  an Android phone? Then you can play the awesome in built game on your phone.To play this game you no need of Internet and no need to download.All you need to have Smartphone with Android Lollipop 5.0 and you can try with some other android versions but the game will be different for them.

To play this game just follow the steps below.

1.Open settings in your Phone.

2. Go down to the last option of settings  and Tap on About Phone.



3. Now keep Tapping on “Android Version” until  it shows the Lollipop on screen.



4. Now you will get Lollipop on your screen which shows the Android version.Now the trick start here.


After getting this Lollipop on your Screen, keep tapping and scratching in the center of it with your two fingers.After some seconds you will be in that Hidden game.Look out the screenshot of game below.


You can also play games like this on every android Phone.It also works for Android Jelly Bean and Kit Kat as well but the game will be different on that Android versions.Have fun with the game.

My best score in this game is 4.Must comment your personal Best score and lets see who wins.

#2 Google Chrome’s Hidden Dinosaur Game

No Problem whether your are on computer or mobile you can play this game without downloading and Internet on any device.All you need Google Chrome and nothing else.You can also call it Google Chrome’s hidden Dinosaur game.So lets see how to play this game.

For Computer

1. Simply turn off your Internet (Yes it is must).

2. Now open Google Chrome and try visiting any website.Lets try visiting this address and paste in chrome and then hit enter.

Now this is obvious you can’t visit it without internet and you will land on error page like this.


When we see this error we always do close our browser this is why you didn’t explored that hidden game.

3. Okay now come to the point when you see this Dinosaur error simply hit Space bar and you will shocked with smile to see that Dinosaur will start running and that is your game.

All you need to cross hurdles and hit maximum score in game.So have fun with game..

For Mobile

The Procedure to play this game on mobile is almost same.To play this game you must have Google chrome in your phone and i think Google chrome is always Pre-installed in every Android phone.So lets follow the steps below.

1. Turn off the Internet first because you will get that error page only if your Internet is off.

2. Now open Google Chrome and again try visiting any website for example visit and hit enter.

Again you will land on error page with dinosaur saying You are Offline.


3. Now double Tap the Dinosaur and enjoy the running Dinosaur.Score maximum as you can.


My personal best score for this game is 1200 what is your best score must comment below and see who scored maximum.

Final words

As these games works without downloading and internet so you can play it everywhere.Sometime our internet stop working and we all know that time is most terrific time and it is hard to spend time without internet.So i think these games are specially made for this purpose.

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