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How To Get Your Questions Answered Fast With Quora

Everyday our mind create a lot of Questions and it can be any.If you are student then your question can be developed from your studies and if you are web designer then your question will be relate to web designing.Some of questions can not be answered by your fellows so what to do then?On that moment internet will help you.There are a lot of websites are there on internet that is based on answering your questions like Yahoo Answers,Wiki answers and Quora.There are many users connected to these websites that help each other.So today in this article we will tell you what is the right way to Get Your Questions Answered fast with the help of Quora.

Introduction With Quora is the website that is created specially for people to help each other.You can create and edit Questions and Answers there.Quora is available from 2010.Everyday there are lot of questions produced and answered by large community of users.So move forward and get start with Quora with following guide.

Method To Get Your Questions Answered Using Quora


Sign up process

Quora Provide you 4 sign up options with Google,Facebook,Twitter and by Email.This is your own choice choose any option which easy to sign for you.Here is how Quora sign up page looks like.


Completing Profile

After the Sign up you have to complete your profile for better experience on Quora.Complete the profile by adding your information like where you from and what you know about.This is all for users so they can recognize you easily.

Posting a Question

After all you are ready to post a question or help out other users by giving your answers.To post a question there is option ‘Add Question’ on top right of the website just click on it and type your question.For example you want to know ‘What are the best ways to earn money online?’Just type in in there and be sure your question should not be very long and it should be clear to others users to understand.When you will click next , automatic suggestions will be give by Quora relevant with your Question if you not satisfied with their suggestion then just keep going and click ‘My Question is new’.Now you have to choose best category to place your question and then click ‘Add Question’.Look out the screenshot below for help.



Steps after adding question

When you are all done with adding question you can also ask your question manually to other users.Quora Will give you suggestions of some users that can give you answer for your question and you will get your questions answered faster with this way.The main thing is to choose right category for your question to put in.


Final Words – As we wrote in starting There are many websites available on internet to solve your questions its depend upon you which is easier to you to use.You may try some other sites like Wiki Answers and Yahoo Answers they are good too.Please forward this article and let your friends to get their questions answered by sharing this article.


  • Nice guide for newbies to getting started up with Quora.

    I specially liked the functionality with which you can ask other experts in that category which can help the asker get solutions faster.

    Thanks for sharing this with us 🙂

    Waiting for some other great tips.

    • Hey Paras
      I got every question answered on Quora and i am amazed to see the too many answers in just few hours.
      Quora is best one if it is used in right way and that is explained well in article.

      Thanks for reading and liking this guide.