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7 Steps To Increase Affiliate Sales Like a Pro

When i started  GoWithTech i was only using Google AdSense to make money from my content.I recently started using Affiliate marketing because i got to know it is the best way to earn extra from blog and i have also read earning reports of top bloggers and their top earning source is Affiliate Marketing.So i started doing work on Affiliate marketing to optimize it for more sales.I read many guides on it that gave me really super results and i got my Affiliate sales increased by 90%.So i am sharing all of that things that i learnt from the guides of Pro Bloggers as well as my own experiments with Affiliate marketing.

7 Ways To Increase Affiliate Sales Like an Expert


#1 Select Affiliate Program Wisely


It is one of main step it is very necessary  to research on affiliate program before joining them.It is important to choose best Affiliate program that is relevant to your niche/topic as well as giving good commission on every sale.For example if you have a technology blog then you can choose product like Smartphones and laptops to sell on your blog rather than others.


To start with Affiliate marketing first of all you have to sign up for Affiliate program from Commission Junction, or you can also choose Amazon which is also a good for Affiliate marketing.The next step is to look over all the Affiliate products and research on them like which product will get you more sales,Which can suite your audience and will attract them and also check how much commission you are going to get from one sale.

So after selection put the banners of that product on your blog.

#2 Affiliate Banner Placement

Blog design matters a lot to do better affiliate marketing.To get more clicks on your affiliate link you must have to place affiliate banners in your blog very smartly.Banners should be placed at where there are high chances to get users to click on it.The better placements for affiliate banner is under the post title and also you can place them in header and sidebars.

Look out the picture showing various banner placements for your blog for get visitors attention.


You should also have to consider your page speed if you are adding more banners then it will low down your page speed that is considered as bad in terms of SEO,after placing all of the banners make sure to check your blog from different browsers and from mobiles to confirm banners are displaying good.

#3 Build Trustworthy Personality


It is very important to have a good personality of you and your blog because people only trust those who have good reputation.If people trust you then they will also trust the products that you are selling on your blog and they will sure click to get that.

Personal Branding and business branding is powerful way to get visitor to believe you and your product that you are selling.Spread your Blog everywhere and create good relationship with visitors this is the organic way.We also have a complete separate post about Personal Branding to read that click here.

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#4 Write Review on products

It is very common but effective technique that everyone is using including Pro bloggers.Review means to completely show everything Good and bad things about the product so it can be clear to customers to buy it or not.It can be more useful if review is done by yourself so that you can write more information about the product.A good review can lead to more sales.


To write a review on product you have to use that product for some days and see the good things about it and list them in your review.You can also get a review from other people those are using the same product and compile then in one post.People only believe review that have proofs that the product is helpful.So always try to make your review more genuine as you can.

#5 Post Complete Guide about the Products

It could be more better for you and your audience if you have guide written about your affiliate products.Every product have a User guide within box to help user to guide about the product.So the same concept you should have to use with your product on your blog.

For example if you are selling any software then your must have a guide written about that software in your blog so you can link that guide with your affiliate sale page.The guide may contain start to end guide of software and other general information like what are the requirements for using that software and more.

Make sure to take the queries from users regarding your product if they have and make sure to answer them fast as possible.

#6 Targeted Audience

Targeted audience means to have only those visitors on your blog that are interested in your articles.If your audience is not interested in your content then they will not click any of other link on your blog.It can be only in that case if you have purchased traffic from somewhere.


So to have a targeted audience to your blog make sure you are sharing your articles within right people at right place.You can find many groups on social media of your niche to share your article.

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The other way to get targeted traffic to your blog is social media ads.You can try to sponsor your blog post on various social sites like Facebook ,Twitter and make sure to target right audience.


#7 Create Mailing List – Email Marketing

Getting a email of your visitor is toughest job.An Email list is the most profitable leverage point in your business blog.Did you know 50-80% visitors never returns to your website after their first visit so get them back you must have their emails to call them back to your blog.So building an email list is very essential for you business.


Mailing list is the most powerful source of profit for many bloggers because it helps to build good relationship with readers and also it is the key to repeat visitors.So to collect emails of your visitors you can add sign up for newsletter forms in blog.

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It is very important to put your newsletter form very cleverly in those areas where high chances to get users interaction.You can try using Pop up Newsletters,Newsletter within post content and Hello Bar.

You can create mailing list with Aweber,Get Response and Mail Chimp.Make sure to focus on mailing list to get traffic on demands and keep changing the techniques and find which one is giving better results.


No one is Happy with the things that they have now we always want more and more.Never be hungry for money because we all know that success always not come instantly it always take much time.So be patient and see the results of your last experiment that you have done with your blog instead of trying another one.

So these are steps that i followed to increase Affiliate sales on my blog.Hope this will work for you too.If you have any question about any of step listed in this post please feel free to ask in comments.


  • Hi Gurpreet,

    Getting into affiliate marketing and earning money will take time to get results, you clearly pointed out all the steps we have to take care of before entering into affiliate marketing these tips are really helpful to become success.

    Email list, brand trust and honest review will help to get sales conversion, thank you for sharing the info.

  • That’s a great post on Affiliate Marketing buddy. As bloggers, we can really make more money promoting products especially doing reviews as you mentioned.

    thanks for the great content. Hope you are having a wonderful week

  • Really this is important post of affiliate marketing and i like email marketing.
    Thanks Your post.

    • Of course we use and it also depends upon what are you selling.
      Before putting link of Affiliate product it is better to write a full review on it that will help users.

  • Thanks for this post, I was looking for some resources that could help with affiliate market, and the blog article really helped! Thanks again!

  • Hey Gurpreet,

    Awesome post. All 7 are great ways to generate affiliate sales. Especially product reviews and email.

    2 other ways are creating a “Recommended Tools/Resources” page and writing a detailed comparison post (ex: 11 List Building Plugins…).

    Try it out. 🙂

    Anyway, I enjoyed the post.