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6 Highly Effective Ways to Increase Blog Traffic For Free

This is special guide for everyone who wants to drive traffic to their blogs with 0$ investment.

So lets move straight to the article without taking your more time.

6 Ideas To Increase Blog Traffic

Traffic can be drown in two ways and these are Paid ways and free ways.In this article we will discuss about only free ways which can give a good start to your new blog.

Create Attractive content


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So this is the first thing and important.Content is only thing that visitors wants and you might be writing article for your blog everyday but if you still have less readers for your article then you are missing something and that is Content Creating Strategies.

You might have seen many of popular blogs having more than 1000 comments and did you ever think how?So here are things that pro bloggers do with their contents.

Title Hacks – Title is first thing that readers read,If you have wrote cool article and using boring and common title for it then you are doing s**t with your article.Title should be something like that people dying to read it.

Let me tell you how pro bloggers are playing with titles.when i visited first time on Backlinko which is of Brian Dean you will not believe that i opened 15 tabs in my browser and read all of articles in a day.So this is how Backlinko get readers for their article with eye catching titles.

So here i am going to show one of the example of good title from Backlinko.

Example : Content Strategy Case Study: 36,282 Readers + 1,000 Email Subscribers

Content – No doubt you will get a lot readers with good title but you can’t make them to stay on your blog without good content.So to write a valuable content for your audience you must have to do deep research on your topic that will help you to write in depth content.

To make your content look like professionals make sure to add resources and credits in your post.Make your article bit longer about 2000+ words because long article ranks on Google’s first page as per research (not always).

Social Media

Social media websites has billions of users so we can get traffic on demand from them but how?No doubt organic traffic is always a number one source for pro bloggers but they are also getting huge traffic from social media websites.

So let me list popular social media websites from where you can really get thousands of visitors.

  • Reddit
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Google+

So these above websites are major source of traffic and lets discuss in brief how to get traffic from social media websites?

Reddit – I listed Reddit on number one because it actually gave me good results.Reddit is only website where you have to do nothing like join groups and friends etc.It is simple bookmarking site where you can drop your link and get traffic.

On Reddit there are subreddits which means categories where users posts content and you have to do the same but in clever way.

First of all find the best subreddit for your content.You have to look for subreddit which actually belongs to your content and have at least 1000-5000 subscribers.Here i am asking you to target less subscribed subreddits because if you want traffic at a moment then you can get by targeting small subreddits if you are going for big one there are less chances for your link to be appeared and up voted.

I tried it with my blog post “11 Popular websites for Students” and look out the result below in screenshot.


So this is traffic on day when i published this blog post and i was getting 500-600 traffic for 3 days.

Facebook – It is also effecting website but to get better results from Facebook your Facebook connections like friends,groups and pages needs to be bigger.If you have page with 1K likes you probably get 20-30 visits.

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So to get traffic from Facebook the only way is start building connection with your buddies in your niche and engage with them and they will also engage with your posts on Facebook.

You can also try boosting your link on page but it is paid but still cheap so you can give it a try.

Twitter – It allows you to tweet only with 140 characters which means less spam.So this is what from where you can get high quality traffic.I advice you to tweet daily and increase your followers on Twitter so you can get more click on your tweets and also try to find out the optimistic time when your most of the followers are active.

Learn How get more followers on Twitter

Google Plus – Google plus communities also drive good blog traffic.To get traffic from Google plus find amazing and biggest communities on Google plus and post your link their with some tags.It will be best if you can manage to post your link in your niche based communities.

So i just talked about 4 Social websites from where you can really get traffic but you can also try websites like Delicious,StumbleUpon,Digg and there are many more.


Search Engine Optimization is the best way to get traffic from search engines.It is easy method but becomes difficult when your niche have good competition.Here are some things involves in SEO that you need to focus on.

  • Keywords – It is very first thing in SEO which means to find out that word or phrase that audience is making searches with them on search engines.Keywords you are choosing must have less competition and good searches.
  • Keywords use – To make your post SEO friendly be sure to use your keyword in Title,URL and description so that it can rank higher.Also take care of Keyword Density which is an important factor.
  • Interlinking – Interlinking is actually used to get more pageviews from one visitor but it is also important in terms of SEO. Interlinking means to link your old content with your new one.
  • Backlinks – After publishing your post its time to get Backlinks to that post which means getting links from other people’s websites which results more traffic as well as good ranking to your post in search engines.

I am not going in details but you can learn SEO Strategy from here.


Infographics is the graphical representation of your article in a picture.I read many of Neil Patel’s interview in many popular blogs and i found one thing in common and that is “Infograhic helps to drive tons of traffic to Quick Sprout.“Even Neil Patel also discussed that in his post about “5 ways to get your infographic to go viral“.

So i tried this by adding infographic to my own blog which is “How to Promote your Blog Post to get 1000 shares” and i got results after 2 days of posting it.In result i got 200+ referral traffic and 3 backlinks from other blogs in which my post got referred.

So this way is really a good one to get traffic and free backlinks.

Mailing List

Creating a mailing list by collecting visitors emails is highly used way to get traffic on demand.So creating a big mailing list is always hard job it needs various of strategies to be used so that visitor can drop his email.Here are some of tricks i am using to get visitors emails.

Good placements – Placements is everything.You should have to place your subscription box where there are more chances to see it.Pop up boxes are one of the best way and also try by placing subscription box after the post and sidebar.

Design – Clean and elegant design always wins.Create your newsletter box design something unique that will catch visitors attraction.

Give free item along with subscription – Usually most of the bloggers are using this technique and this is really effective.Give some free items like eBooks and free resources to attract audience towards your newsletter box

Help for Help

Help for Help doesn’t mean exchanging traffic or backlinks,it means help your native to solve his problems and if he is kind then he will sure share your blog on his social media network.Also try to refer useful posts in your article and then inform the author about this and he will share your post if he found it helpful.


There are tons of ways to drive free traffic but it all depends upon you that how you bring it to your blog.So i have listed some amazing technique to increase blog traffic that really gave me super results to me and i hope you will also get the same.

Help your friends to grow their traffic by sharing this article and drop your comments here if you have any query regarding this article.


  • Hey Gurpreet,

    Thanks for the post. I always keep my eye for these posts as driving traffic is key. I agree about the titles of the post. There are posts I won’t even think about if the title does not attract me. But I struggle with the titles and the key words. I would have brilliant titles if I did not have to attempt to fit into this procedure. As we all would I suppose. So I always try.

    I have just realised the benefit of email subscriptions but it has taken me a while. But as they say it is 20% writing and 80% marketing and I am still getting my head around that as well. I am only new to blogging so I give myself time to work at it.