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Profitable Niches for YouTube Channel To Make Money

YouTube is another great platform to make money online after blogging.People who want to make money online their minds would have thought about making YouTube channel to earn through internet.I am a blogger but i accept that YouTube is best way to make money because i have seen many people are earning Thousands of Dollars in a month just by creating few videos.It sounds good and easy but actually its not.Before moving towards niches for YouTube channel i would like to share Pros and cons of having YouTube channel to make money.

Pros and Cons of YouTube channel to make money


  1. You can easily get Google AdSense approval for your YouTube channel.
  2. YouTube helps to get your face in front of many viewers as result you will be more famous.
  3. YouTube pay really high amount as your video crosses 1 lac views.
  4. You can also  do paid reviews on their to earn some extra money.


  1. You must have high skills like video editing,directing and more to get your video shine on YouTube.
  2. You have to be so careful while creating videos about officials any wrong video may be a cause for permanent ban on your channel.
  3. YouTube only allows original stuff hence you have be so creating to create your own original videos.
  4. It take many days or months to creating and editing your one video so providing daily video to your subscribers is always a hard work.

After reading these pros and cons you can take decision yourself to start YouTube channel or not.So if your decision is in “Yes” then we can head over to help you for choosing Best niche for YouTube channel.

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Profitable Niches for YouTube Channel to Start Making Money


Choosing a niche to start something always a toughest job and of course you have to take much time to think because that niche will going to stand your business.The work of choosing niche becomes very easier if there Top and best niches are listed in front of you and then you have to choose your niche from there and no need to search anywhere else.So we did it for you.Here are some best Niches for YouTube channel to start earning money from YT today.

Science and Knowledge

This niche is top trending now a days,You can get many views on your videos if your video is giving knowledge to viewers and sharing some interesting facts about science.You can take an example from one channel on YouTube named as AsapSCIENCE.As you can see this channel is sharing those questions and knowledge that everyone wants to know.

From my side this is the best niche to start a YouTube channel because nobody will going to be bore when watching your videos because they are interesting.

Tip : Make your channel name just like that it will represent your Channel like what your channel is about and if your are worry about that you don’t have good knowledge about science then no need to worry because you can easily get knowledge from science websites from the internet all you need to do is just read and understand and then do it yourself and make video.You can study about science facts from these websites ScienceDaily , PNAS and Science Stage.


Technology is the another best choice if you are Technology lover.Technology usually covers every type of video related to electronic gadgets but you can make your channel more famous if you focus on any one type of videos.So if you are confused about that what to post on that type of channels so here are what you can post.

Every day there are something new launched in Tech world so you can focus on to cover every new products features and some other information about it.If you have choosing smartphones as your topic for videos then try to review every new launched smartphone with your own hands.People are always looking to know the features and if you are showing smartphones features in your own hands then it is sure your video will be great hit among the smartphone lovers.

Tip : You can take example of Android Authority this channel is based on website Androidauthority.com.You can also take this advantage if you have a website.You can easily get the news about latest release in Tech world from Google News or also you can check Techcrunch for latest updates regarding technology.

Top List

To listing a top 10 or top 5 things becomes a trend today.The one of the main reason of them to becoming a trend is that they attracts more users.If you listing Top 10 things and another one is just listing them just with common headlines then no doubt you will get all the attraction.

You can create any type of Video listing Top 10 things,It can be Top 10 celebrities,smartphones and others.This is good and last long niche because everyone loves to know about Top 10 in world.You may be have seen many of these types of Channels are already there on YouTube but you can also start your own and you will sure get success if you are creative in video editing.

Tip : To create a video about Top 10 lists you can research it yourself or you can also take help from website TopTenz that is sharing Top 10 list of everything.You just have to go there and choose your favourite topic and make a video of it.If you are looking for an example of YouTube channel then you can go on Watch Mojo channel.

Game Tutorials

If you are gamer you will sure going to love it.If gamer stuck at any mission  or level they usually go to YouTube to watch the video of that mission to clear it.If you are good in any computer game like GTA,Call of Duty then you can simply record your GamePlay of a mission when playing it.If you are going to create a channel about game tutorials then always focus on one game and cover every guide of that game in your channel.

To start a gaming guide channels you just need a screen recorder either if your game is on PC or in smartphone.You can record and upload that techniques,Hacks for a game that no one knows and it is better to start a channel on newly released game.

Tip : There is one game called Clash of Clans that becomes very popular now and there are many YouTube channels getting tons of views by uploading their gameplay.Have a look to MasterOv channel and you can see this channel is covering 2 games Clash of Clans,Minecraft.This niche no need any technical skill but needs gaming skill.

How To Guides

Everything needs a guide and it can be any either it is any software or in our daily life.So How to guides are another very good niche which covers variety of things like How to use software,How to guides about your daily life and Life hacks.If you think you can teach anyone in a better way so you should go for this niche.To get better in this niche you should follow the simple rule Learn and make learn . 

Tip : If you are choosing this niche then you really have to do little hard work because to make learn someone you should have to be better in that you are teaching.So you need to learn first and here are some websites where you can learn first and also you get ideas to create video for your channel.Mashable,How To Geek,Wiki How are the most famous sites that are covering almost every How to guides.

If you want to take an example of YouTube channel on that niche you can go on HowToBasic channel.

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So we have shared 5 Best Niches for YouTube channel and now the choice is your that which one will suite you most.

Before we end up this article we would like to give some additional tips to you which will help you to give better start for your YouTube channel.

Additional Tips :

Make an Intro Video

Every YouTube channel needs a better intro video just like every website and business needs a better logo.Intro video is the short video minimum of 5-10 sec that runs before your video starts.Intro video attracts the viewer and also it represent your channel and saves your video to be copied.You can get an awesome intro video from Flixpress and Vipid.

YouTube SEO

SEO means Search Engine Optimization and it simply means to optimize your any content to get it on first page of Search Engines.YouTube SEO is the most important for YouTube videos and we recommend you to also work on it.We would like to refer an article of Search Engine Watch to learn some tactics of it.Click here for article.

Hope you liked our article and we are sure that you have selected any Niche from them.If you have any question about this article so please tell us through comments.We will listen you for sure.



  • Hi Gurpreet,

    Good to visit your blog 🙂

    This was surely an informative post about the various niches one can choose for YouTube channels. Yes, I’ve also heard that people make a lot of money from YouTube, though cannot say how it’s all done as I’ve not yet tried my hand at it.

    Honestly speaking, I’ve yet to tap YouTube, and it is on my to-do list for this year…ah…provided I get some time away from the ABC (Aha!NOW Blog Community), which presently keeps me on my toes!

    Yes, those are interesting niches, and trendy ones too – I think you forgot to mention ‘Cooking’ as those are what most ladies watch…lol…but jokes apart, I think any niche would do good, if you have ample matter to share, and YOU put your voice in your video’s, isn’t it?

    Thanks for sharing this with us. Have a nice week ahead 🙂

    • Thanks Harleena for your comment.
      As i mentioned in post that YouTube is second good way to make money after blogging and Ofcourse you should give it a try whenever you free.
      I just listed some trending niches but yes i will also mention some more niches there.

  • Hi Gurpreet,

    Congrats on sharing your first post on Aha!NOW. I agree with the Pros and cons you mentioned about creating YouTube videos. Not everyone is well skilled with video editing and rest of the things.

    Game tutorials and tech really works. I myself have subscribed to dozens of them. Also, inspirational and motivating videos do well on YouTube.

    Thanks for sharing this post with us at Aha!NOW ABC community.

    – Rohan.

    • Thanks Rohan for your comment.yes i think i missed some of niches and i will update this post by adding some more niches.
      I am also going to start a channel on Game VainGlory in my holidays.

  • Thank you for your thoughtful response. I really enjoyed reading your blog, you have lots of great content. I look forward to reading more posts from you. However, it;s more help full to us, that’s a great think … 🙂

  • That was an informative article.It’s good that you also mentioned the cons of using youtube for this purpose .Many blogs don’t list those things and a normal reader would waste his efforts with useless content whose benefit is unforseeable

    • I think it is enough to give a credit in description but it would be much better if you manually take their permission by contacting them to be on your safer side.

      Thanks for dropping comment and have a nice day 🙂

  • Do you think that teaching Spanish lessons is a profitable idea? I see many Youtube Channels doing o but they are not profitable according to Social Blade. Please help me with my question.


    • Hey Alex
      Profit depends upon where your video is ranking and how you are monetizing it.
      There are many monetizing methods to earn from YouTube and i will be making post on it very soon.

      I will Email you when it got published so please subscribe to our mailing list.

      Thanks for commenting Alex 🙂

  • Hello Gurpreet Dhillon,
    Good post very usefull article. I have a youtube channel name Myandroidapp in which you can see android game.And can you tell me how to rank that videos?