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How NintendoAmerica Gained 260k Twitter Followers in 1 Month

Ok, before we go too far into this, I know: You gotta catch ‘em all. One of the big reasons that Nintendo of America gained so many followers in the month of July is because of Pokemon Go. Now they could have sat back and let however many Pokeplayers stream in, but Nintendo had another strategy in place to catch as many new followers as possible during this surge.

These tactics are replicable and can be applied to nearly any Twitter account. Let’s take a look at them, and help your account level up. Or, if you prefer, let’s get your account to grow like you just found a mushroom.

260,000 new followers on Twitter in 1 month


Just how successful was Nintendo?

First, let’s establish how successful Nintendo of America was in the month of July. Here are the numbers according to Socialbakers:


Yes, Marc Jacobs and PlayStation both had good a month. The difference is that Nintendo, at 4.7 million followers, has a much smaller account and therefore a much smaller chance of gaining that many followers. Marc Jacobs sits at 6.7 million followers, and PlayStation has 11.7 million followers. It’s much easier to get more followers when you already have lots of followers retweeting you. The follower rich get follower richer, with social proof playing a role in that. This makes Nintendo’s follower growth even more notable.

Nostalgia + Nostalgia = All the retweets

With the release of Pokemon Go, Nintendo had to know that a large number of users who played it in the ‘90s were going to be interested. I had a copy of Pokemon Red, and I was immediately interested in the game right from the first video launch.

You can be sure that the Nintendo Twitter team was aware of this coming storm of nostalgic Pokemon lovers. So they sat down and got a bunch of tweets ready which featured Pokemon, right? Nope. That was left to @Pokemon and @PokemonGoApp, which they retweeted

Nintendo wasn’t going to promote Pokemon, a property which they have a minimal stake in. They’re on Twitter to promote Nintendo. With nostalgia reigning supreme, Nintendo had the right tweets of their own main products to tweet out ready to capture the nostalgia at the heart of all those flocking to Pokemon:

The return of the NES, a new Legend of Zelda, a remake of the classic 1996 Super Mario RPG, and why not throw Kirby into the mix? The NES, Zelda, Mario, and Kirby were about 75% of my entire experience from 1987 – 1993 (when I got an SNES). And I’m not the only one. Nintendo was ready for us Millennial/Gen X-ers, both on Twitter and in their larger product release plan.

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What can your own Twitter account learn from this? You have to see trends before they come along and prepare. This can be anything from knowing a product release will be tied to other products you should tweet about, or being prepared for upcoming world events (Super Bowls, Olympics, World Cups, etc.). You may not succeed with every tweet and every plan, but you have to prepare yourself in some way well in advance for these coming trends.

Nintendo keep their fans involved

Look through the Nintendo America account and you’ll see a trend amongst the tweets which get more retweets. They are commonly about fan achievements:

That was two tweets about fans winning different Smash Bros. tournaments, and a tweet about a fan winning the Splatoon contest.

To keep the fan love going, they also like to see what fans are thinking. This tweet had many retweets, but the reply numbers on it were pretty ridiculous:

The last thing Nintendo did to keep fans involved was tweet live from the San Diego Comic Con. They let people know what they were up to, for consistent retweet numbers, and no doubt pulled in new fans simply by using the popular #SDCC hashtag:

Nintendo is showing you that social media is supposed to be social. It’s best done when you directly think about your fans, rather than your product. Did Nintendo just tweet out the latest product release and leave it at that? No, they deliberately worked at involving their fans by tweeting about them, asking them questions, and showing them what was going on live.

Catch all the followers with your Twitter plan

Nintendo have shown us two sure ways of getting more Twitter followers:

  1. Have content ready which will take full advantage of approaching trends. You may not have a Pokemon Go level of nostalgic excitement coming your way, but you do have the opportunity to participate in world events.
  2. Involving your fans is both easy content to create, and easy content for your followers to retweet. Everyone wants to feel like it could be them being featured by a top tier Twitter account, and they’re happy to share the success of someone just like them.

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There you go, Twitter marketer, catch ‘em all and grow your followers by planning far ahead, and involve your fans.

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