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One Effective Way To Increase Your Online Presence

When you have something unique to share and of course you always want more people to listen you so this can only be happen when you have a good online presence.Online presence means to have good reputation on Social websites and if you have good reputation there then it can really help you to get more people to listen you.If you have not a good reputation there then you should work on there and today in this post we have one really effective way to increase your online presence.

 Increase Your Online Presence – BrandYourSelf

Online presence can only be increased by if your voice is reaching between huge audience and you know that those people can listen you that are following you it doesn’t matter if you are on Facebook,twitter or on another site.To get many people to follow you it is very important that Google is showing your social profiles on its first page.To check Google is showing right results just search your name of Google and see the results on first page.if it is showing your real profile on various social sites on its first page then everything is fine and if the results are wrong then you really need to work on it.So in this case one site BrandYourSelf may help you to get your Social profiles to be ranked on top of Google.Lets check out how to use it for better results.

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Stepwise Guide For BrandYourSelf

Sign up – Brandyourself gives you many option for sign up like Facebook,Twitter you can use any from these.After doing this they will ask you to add full name of your which you want to rank on Google.Please remember always fill first and last name both.


Linking Your Social Profiles – After filling your name they will run a little scan to analyse the top 10 results of your name on Google which will be your report card.Look out the results and see if it is your own profiles or someone’s and then vote all the profile “Not Me” except your’s.Mark all your profiles as positive.


If no of your social profile appears on first page then link all of your social profile their to improve the results.You can add only 3 profile there if you are using free membership.Those can add unlimited profiles there who have premium membership.So link all the profile and move over to another step.look out the image for help.


Boosting Your Social Profiles – After adding all the social profiles click on Boost button to improve the search ranking of your social profiles one by one.


After then work out on every aspects that they are asking to do like Add your Bio,Photo,Set location and more and try to get all of 300 points.After getting all points move on to another profile and complete all steps there and get 300 points there too.


These will really improve your social profiles to show up on Google’s first page.You can run a scan again to see what improvements are their in results.To do this just go to Report card.

Advantages of Increasing your online presence

Business Growth – If you have good online presence and reputation so it is sure it will help you to boost your business.If you have huge following on social web then you can share anything on there either it is your website or any other product which you want to sale.

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People can choose real one – There are many same names are on internet and if you are business person they can affect your personalty.So to get people to find real you then your all social profile must be on #1 page of Google so that users can pick your profile easily.

Alternatives of BrandYourSelf

Final words : Social networking sites are only way to get know about people so it is important to always put your real information their.The ways we have mentioned above only shows the way that what to improve on your social profile to rank on Google.Although you can do this yourself just by being active on Social sites.

Tell me if your real profile are showing on top of Google and what are the ways you are doing to be a star on Google?





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