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3 Best PC Cleaning Tools – Boost PC Performance By Hundred Percent


PC cleaning tools or popularly known as registry cleaners are remarkable tool that will aid you clean your computer in order to enhance its performance. It helps users to look for all the junk files that are not needed for the operation of your PC and are just slowing down the performance of your personal computer. Junk files are obtained from doing simple computer tasks such as downloading files and surfing of the internet. This makes the computer registry very prone from junk files and in due course these files will gather leading to unwanted computer errors.

If you are thinking what computer registry is, just think of it as a storeroom of you PC that stores all the stuffs that you want so as to do tasks properly. This contains all the essential files that your PC needs so as to properly launch software or a program or application, and to precisely execute commands. It serves as a logbook which is being modified each time you utilize your computer. There are lots of tools available out there that can help your clean your computer registry in order to enhance its function or performance. Below are the best 3 PC cleaning tools you should consider:

3 Best PC Cleaning Tools to Boost Performance

  1. PCKeeper

It is one of the best PC cleaning tools and it keeps your computer in an utmost condition through securing it from any threats both offline and online.  With these cleaning tool, issues like malware, viruses, as well as security vulnerable might be fixed with one click. This is working closely with MS to give users the best possible security and protections.

What it can do is clean up your hard drive from junk files and optimize your system.PCKeeper is the top rated to clean computer and boost PC performance and also this is the tool which i used to clean my PC.

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  1. Auslogics Registry Cleaner

This is an easy to use PC cleaner that ideal for novice user.  This is ideal for Windows 2003, and 7 and it also supports 32 and 64 bit. The best thing about this PC cleaner is the fact that it features a wizard which helps you in the scan. You could choose either an advance or quick scan.

When working an advanced can, as well as important item like shared DLLs and software could be checked. For every default, just safe items are assessed and a sign is shown, when you try to scan items which need experience.  This PC cleaner provides a restore changes choice. And it shows the speed of your PC supposedly obtained after the process of cleaning.

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  1. nCleaner

This cleaning tool is highly recommended by many tech gurus. This is latest version of PC cleaner and also considered one of the full free system PC cleaning tools available. Like many other cleaner, it also comes with a registry cleaner feature. However, it’ not yet on hand for Windows 7, however it supports Windows XP, 2003, as well as Vista.To clean your computer, just visit the “Clean System option, click the Registry clean and repair option. Prior to starting, you could back up the registry.  In case something goes wrong, bring it back. And right there, you could also make system restore point that also supports your registry.

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Final words

PC performance always reduce when we do install software hence it makes us frustrated while doing any work so these tools can simply enhance your PC performance by scanning and fixing problems to your PC.The above are the 3 top rated software which can really help you to speed up your computer.