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Huge List of Best Free Proxy Servers and Proxy Sites To Surf The Internet


Everyone hates if someone is tracking what we are doing on Internet.If you don’t want to show someone that what are you doing on internet then Proxies are always a best way to hide yourself.There are many type of works we do on internet and some are very private so it is always best idea to that work by using proxies.If you don’t know what are proxies and how to use it then lets have a look in brief.

What Does Proxy and Proxy server means for ?

Proxy Server works as the wall between you and website you are visiting on Internet.Proxy server helps to protect your identity and that can not be traced by anyone.

Proxies are a IP address that we can use in our browser and no one will get to know about your own IP address.It always looks like : 8118 .You can browse anonymously by using proxies.

Why we need Proxies ?

Proxies are the only way to open such websites that are blocked in countries.We can also use proxies to browse privately so that no one will catch you what you are doing on Internet.

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How to use Proxies and Proxy Server?

Proxy servers are easier to use.Just visit any Proxy server website and enter website that you want to visit anonymously.You can get the List of Proxy Servers down in this post.

We can also use proxies in our browsers like Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox and here is how you can use it.

Google ChromeSettings > Show Advanced Settings > LAN Settings

Mozilla FirefoxOpen Menu >  Options > Advanced > Connection Settings

Now lets move towards from where you can get these Proxies.

List of Best Proxy Servers Around the World

It is always toughest job to find out good working proxies because not all the proxies gives good connection.So here we listed some amazing list of of Proxy sites from where you can get all good working proxies all the time.

  1. WebProxy –
  2. VPN Umbrella –
  3. Luxus Mind –
  4. Anonymouse –
  5. Eproxy –
  6. VPN Daily –
  7. Nano Proxy – (Germany)
  8. Proxy Free –
  9. LittleBluePillPox –
  10. Top Proxy –
  11. Access Proxy –
  12. Shine Proxy –
  13. Facilaqui –
  14. Noha Proxy –
  15. Web Proxy Server –
  16. Free Proxy –
  17. Mark Proxy –
  18. B2B Proxy –
  19. Hide Proxy –
  20. Fast Time Proxy –
  21. –
  22. Xi te Now –
  23. Fun Proxy –
  24. Rapid Proxies –
  25. Hide Ass –
  26. Proxy Tube –
  27. Surfing on my own –
  28. Everybody Use it –
  29. Proxy Server for you –
  30. Proxy Man –
  31. Ghost Me –
  32. Dat Proxy –
  33. Be free Proxy –
  34. Popeye Prox –
  35. Proxy Arabic –
  36. 1 Free Proxy –
  37. Wacky Willy Wonka –
  38. Speed Proxy Server –
  39. Proxy ISP –
  40. EU Proxy –
  41. Tab Proxy –
  42. No Pop up Proxy –
  43. Zalmos –
  44. Daily Proxy –
  45. School Exsess –
  46. Proxy Hash –
  47. Proxy Rocket –
  48. Blank Browse –
  49. Proxy Arab –
  50. Power Proxy –
  51. Surf Private –


Using a proxy Server is one of the easiest way to browse Web anonymously.If you want to add IP address in your browser to browse the internet anonymously so here are some of the best Website from where you can get 100% working proxies of different countries.

Best Websites to find Proxy

  1. Hide My Ass – It is one the best place to get Free proxies of countries you want.You can use filters to get proxies of your choice.
  2. In Clock – It is another cool website similar to Hide My Ass.Get working proxies checked every minute from this website.
  3. US Proxy List – Get 100% Fast and working Proxies of the US.Proxies are checked every minute.So speed of the proxies will be fine.
  4. Proxy List – List of the worldwide proxies.You can also Download the .txt file for these proxies to use in software and other things.

Other options to Surf Internet Anonymously 

TOR Browser

TOR is a browser where you there is no need of any proxy or proxy server to hide out your identity.TOR browser makes your identity hard to find or traced.You will experience very fast speed and you can do any of your work under the mask.

Get TOR Now

Firefox Add-ons

Mozilla Firefox is one of the browser that allows you to add many extension to make your work easier.There is one extension named as Anonymox that help you to change your IP address without doing anything.This extension allows you to get IP address of UK , US , New Zealand in free version and more countries are available in premium version.

Get Anonymox

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Final Words

We collected these list of Proxy Servers and Proxy Sites by Browsing the Internet.We checked all one by one manually and they are working fine.In case any URL is not working you can tell us and we will update it.

We hope you will get reliable speed and safety from these Proxy Sites.

Don’t forget to share and help your friends to browse the Internet safely.