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Rush Your Twitter Account With Followers

Everyone knows the value of Social media that how they help you to grow your business as well as your community.Social media like Facebook,Twitter and Google Plus are boss and how much you have followers on these network will tell about you that how you are famous and about your reputation.So  today in this post we will talk about that how we can get twitter followers with simple and organic tricks.Lets move towards without wasting time.

Twitter Followers Tricks To Get Real Followers


There are many ways to get twitter Followers but we will talk about organic ways only.You may have seen many websites that gives twitter followers for free and they ask you to add app on twitter account.You will get near about 100 followers at once but they will disappeared after few days.So this is such bad deal.Lets make short list of steps that we will do to twitter followers.

Be Active

Being Active is very first step for any social media website and it also same for twitter.To be active on twitter make sure to do some activity on regular basics like do tweet and Retweet and favourite other users tweets.It will help others to know you,i mean if you will respond to other users tweet they will also respond your tweets.

Follow Other Users Who Have Number Of Followers

It is one of the best way to get high quality twitter followers by just following some popular accounts.You can follow any celebrity that have millions of followers.Try to get followed by any popular account of celebrity.You can simply do it by tweeting them if you are lucky you will get followed back by him.It is very important to have quality of followers then quantity.

Follow Trending Hash Tags

Hash Tags helps to get mix with topics that people talking about.Hash Tag can be written as #technology if you will post any tweet with this hash tag your tweet will be posted under Technology and can be seen by others who is interested in technology.


You may have seen twitter always shows trending hash tags at right side.Trending hash tags means which topic is popular on twitter today or about what world is talking about.This can also help you to get followers.

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Just choose any hash tag in which you are interested and tweet by using that hash tag.Tweeting with trending hash tag will bring you some followers and also you will get lots of retweets and favourites on your tweet.

Follow For Follow Websites

You might have seen websites that give you points when you follow other users and that points can used to get followers.This is simple followers trick that is used by many people but sometimes this can be horrible.Horrible because if you follow more than 100 accounts or the follow limit that twitter allow then your twitter account can be suspended for sometime.

So to use this service conveniently you must follow the Twitter and website guidelines that you are using.Here some points to follow that we have listed below.

  • Never Follow too many users in a day.
  • Never unfollow users very quickly that you followed.
  • Use only certified website.
  • Don’t use any hack to get extra points.

Extra Tip

Usually people buy followers from websites like which provide 1000 followers for 1$ or any other plan for followers.Here we will not recommend you to buy followers because in many cases they provide fake followers which will disappeared in a just day.It is better to get only organic high quality followers because the Favourites and retweets you can get only from real followers

We will add some more tricks for another social media websites like twitter and Google plus.For now use these tricks to get Twitter Followers and share this with your friends too.