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Top 10 Resources to Make Brilliant Content For Your Blogs



Writing a powerful and great content is a choice. The path for content makers should be clear. Therefore, if you write original content then all search engines will help your website get more exposure. For example, google has made it very clear that they do not like any kind of duplicity in the content and on the other hand google wants to pay a reward for high-quality sites that contain original content.

So you can say that not only does great content makes your better website but it also improves your site’s rankings, which can further have a very positive impact on your business.Whatever maybe your reason for having a content site, that is whether it’s for your business or a personal hobby, it is very important to do it in a right manner. Therefore, in this post, we will break down some tips for developing great content.

There are many resources which makes a brilliant and out of which best ones are listed below:

1. Subreddits

It helps in identifying the wealth of valuable content which was discovered and voted by its users. It has a special feature which focuses on a single topic and can be an ideal place to monitor up-and-coming links you can use. Therefore, the full list of this resource covers just about any topic you want to search. Below mentioned are few of them:

2. Superior Papers

This website can be your solution whenever you’re stuck with a complex blogging topic or you can’t finish the piece by the publication date you’ve set. Superior Papers is a service that connects you with professional writers in different  categories. If, for example, you’re writing a history blog, the company will pair you with a writer who holds a degree in history. Thus, you’ll collaborate with a true expert and you’ll have great content exactly on time.

Superior Papers is also an editing service, so you can use it to make your own posts flawless before publication.

3. Topsy

You can use topsy to search popular stories around a chosen or given topic. The results page further displays the top content that was shared recently and as well as how many folks are talking about it.

It also earns bonus points for its social analytics, which could be a great source of ideas on your next piece of content.

4. The Latest

This application prides itself on a high quality of its top links. Therefore, to complete this task, the website polls a number of top influencers on twitter and further extracts the links they share. The top ten links then get added to its homepage and are updated as new best-of links surface.

5. BuzzSumo

Finding the virality of an article sometimes seems like a hectic job. But this resource helps to separate the signal from the noise with a tool that collects all vital share stats out of dashboard of top links.

6. Feedly

Feedly is a RSS feeds aggregator. It comes with some unique features like unexpected content, try tapping into its hashtag search etc. Therefore, you can simply type a word into the search bar at the top and choose from a list of suggested topics. The results viewed there offer a variety of places to subscribe and discover new content.

7. Sidebar

It provides a daily list of top links that you can grab on the sidebar homepage. In this application there is handful of human editor votes which were submitted links to determine what reaches the sidebar homepage on any given day. Also, the results of 5 links are posted daily.

8. Medium collections

This is one of the best platforms which has an incredibly deep well of shareable content and much of which is highlighted on its homepage. Therefore, for an even finer degree of content, you can view collections built by Medium’s users.

9. Slideshare

There are 2 things which make this resource the most powerful one and that are: one is the high quality of submissions from some of the top voices in digital marketing, and second one is the content is clearly visua that is pictures, graphs, etc.—meaning a huge opportunity for added engagement.

10. Flipboard

One of the most original and must have application is flipboard that has been creating content for years as it takes your interests and responds with a beautifully-designed flip book of articles that comes under your choice.

Therefore by summing up it can be concluded that this may seem like a lot to set up but it’s really not that bad. If you spend an hour gathering your feeds for your content sources, you will have a quick and convenient access to great content. However, the above resources will make your day-to-day social sharing more manageable.

#Bonus – Pocket

Pocket is the multi-dimensional content finder. Most important feature of this application is that you can save the articles you have found online to read later. This will even notify you of what stories are popular and trending.

Beyond the basic functions of Pocket, there are some more neat ways that the company helps highlight particular types of content. On the other hand it can also blog popular posts about timely events like the oscars and the super bowl.

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Author bio : Joy Simmon is a professional blogger and loves to write. He has written over 60 articles since past 5 months.