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Transfer Music From iPhone To Computer With CopyTrans

iPhone made life easy and it has the many features that other Smartphones don’t have.If we talk about connectivity of iPhone then it can not be easily connect with other non iOS devices.So it is always a difficult task for some users to transfer Music from iPhone to computer or transfer music from computer to iPhone.This transferring process can be done with iTunes but it is such difficult to do this with iTunes.So here is one software CopyTrans that ┬ácan help you to do all your transferring process from iPhone in very easy way.Lets have quick tutorial to learn How to transfer music from iPhone to computer.

Transfer Music From iPhone to Computer

CopyTrans made the process much easier then you think.You need to download and install CopyTrans Software which easy available at CopyTrans official website.You can go to website by clicking here.

You will also need CopyTrans Drivers to connect your iPhone with CopyTrans.This also available on their official website and you can get the drivers from here.



The size these both files are just 5 MB.You will need to install both of the software to move toward next step.

After installing these do connect your iPhone with Computer and CopyTrans Control Center That your have installed in recent step.


After opening it you get variety of option like CopyTrans Manager,CopyTrans,CopyTrans Contacts,CopyTrans Photo and many more.In this tutorial we will tell you how to transfer music from iPhone to Computer and you can also transfer videos.

To Transfer music from iPhone to Computer you need to choose CopyTrans from the menu.You can look out screenshot for help.


  • Choose your songs that you want to transfer to you PC.


  • Click on Folder and then dialogue box will open.


  • Choose your desired folder where you want to transfer the your music and click backup.


  • You are done now.


Now go to your folder that you have choosed to backup your songs and here you will get music folder containing your songs.It is pretty easier process and it take just 3-4 minute although iTunes also take same time.Now it depends upon you which one is easier for you.You can also transfer music from computer to iPhone and transfer contacts from iPhone to Computer.

Why CopyTrans is awesome?

  • CopyTrans is very light and small size software while iTunes is of big size.
  • No Apple ID is needed to Transfer your media.
  • You can connect as many computer you want.
  • No harm to your iPhone.

This guide of transferring media is not only for iPhone,You can use any of iOS device like iPad Mini,iPad,iPod to do this.

Last words

This CopyTrans guide that we have posted is tested by myself and it is working.It is much easier way to transfer the media according to me.If you have any doubt or questions regarding our tutorial you can comment below and we will try to clear your problem.Hope you liked this guide.We have some more guides like that and you may take a look to them also.

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