Vainglory Game : Ultimate Guide For Players

A newly released Vainglory Game becomes very popular between the all of the iOS users who love to play games.Vainglory was launched in September 2014 and featured in Apple’s special event in which they launched iPhone 6,iPhone 6 Plus,Apple Watch.Vainglory becomes very addictive game in very short span.The game is only for iOS users and may be also available for android users too.It is battle game where two teams fights to win.Lets read the short intro of game.


Vainglory Game Introduction

Vainglory РThe MOBA perfected  for touch is game works only with internet where players have many options like Practice,Public Match,Solo Play and Party.In practice the game will teach player that how to play game and introduce to Hero powers and all other things.In Solo Play the player can play with any Hero and it is free to play with Hero.There will not any of opponent in Solo Players.Public match allow you to play with all Worldwide real players.This match is between two team and both teams have 3 players and they can choose their heroes.In party you can play with your own friends just by inviting them.

Vainglory Heroes

  • Adagio
  • Taka
  • Saw
  • Glaive
  • Ringo
  • Koshka
  • Catherine
  • Petal
  • Krul
  • Skaarf
  • Joule

Note : VainGlory released many new heroes please move at the end of the post to get information about them.


You can choose any of hero but some are free to play and some need to be unlock with your Glory score and Glory Score can be earn by playing and winning the Public matches.Each hero have their own different powers.

In Vainglory game there are two teams one is Ally Team and another one is Enemies Team.Each team having 3 players with their different heroes.In game you have to destroy or steal the enemies crystal which is called vain.So you have to reach Vain by destroying enemies turret.In game there Item Shops available in your base and the middle of the base.You may get any of item from shop to increase your hero powers and abilities.There are 3 minions mine are in game and when you will steal them your lane minion will become more stronger.


There are Kraken in game and which will capture it the Kraken will destroy another teams turret.It will increase your winning chances.There are much in game which can be obtain by playing game.So here is the video which will introduce to you with Vainglory Game.

The one game takes almost 30 minut to complete when you win the game you will get Glory for winning and how much Glory you will get its depend upon your performance in game.The glory help you to increase your Karma level and you can unlock the hero with it.

Tricky Guide For Vainglory players

The player who play Vainglory game always search for what is strategy to win the game and what things to carry from item shop for you heroes.So here i am covering all of these things in short.Have a look to below points.

  • Choose your hero carefully by comparing it to another heroes.You may compare the heroes by looking out their movie speed and abilities.
  • It is better to play party matches with player because you can create your strategy in group chat and that can bring the super result for the match.
  • Create unity and don’t go in enemies area alone and one player should have to watch Minion mines.
  • You can hide in bushes and this will not show your position in map.
  • if you think that enemies one of player really played well then you can add him at the end of game and you may create next party with him.

What to carry from item shop?

  • Must carry Sprint Boots from item shop it allows you to run faster when enemy attack you or you can go to catch the enemy with the help of Sprint Boots.
  • From weapon tension bow is best and available for 2150 coins.
  • You must carry 5 halcyon potion to heal your hero when it is under attack by enemies.
  • There are a lot more thing are in shop and it depends upon you than which you can use easily.

So this all about the Vainglory Game in case if missed something you can visit official website of the game here.Again this game is not available for Android users but in future it may be available and if you have iOS device then you can download this game for free from App store.

Update : Vainglory released more new heroes,to get the information about these heroes we recommend you to visit VainGlory Fire website.

If you guys have your own techniques that you use in game then you can tell us freely below in comments.