11 Most Popular Informative Websites For College Students

Studying your books all the time is always not a good way to get knowledge because Bookish knowledge is not a everything.There is much more interesting things to be learn on internet.Internet is a good way to learn new things after the Books.If you bored of reading books then you can always come on internet to grab some more interesting knowledge that you can not learn from books.Instead of getting your more time here we are listing some cool knowledge websites for college students to learn some new things.You can always go to these websites when you are free.So here we go.

 Websites For College Students



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When you start your internet instead of going to Facebook and Twitter you may visit those websites who can help you to grow you minds and can give more creative ideas related to your studies.Internet is a knowledge ocean all you need to choose a perfect website.On internet there are million of websites thats why we always got confused to choose best one.So here we listed top websites where you can go and you will never get bored.

OpenStudy – Study For Your Exams


Students always worried about their preparation for exams and it becomes pretty difficult when you are doing it alone.So Open Study is a best solution if you have a subject likes History,Physics,Chemistry and Mathematics.Open Study provides student groups related to these subject.

The best thing about this student community is that it is Free and it has over 1 Million students from where you get help.Give it a try and i am sure you will get better results for your exams.

Half – Sell Your Own Written Books


Some students have good writing skills and may be they have some books written so this option is for those students.If you have any good book written then why you are keeping it a secret come on reveal it not for free but for money.There are many websites present on the web to sell your own written Books but here i would like to refer you a website Half which is under Ebay.

So register today on Half and sell your book at very good price.

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NinjaEssays – Professional Essays on any Topic


Colleges or Schools always organize events very often and you always have to be ready for it.If you are taking part in any competition about essays then this website will sure going to help you.On Ninja Essays you can get your article written on any topic and it is really fast.

There are many reasons to choose Ninja Essays and one of main reason is that you will get your essay written by professionals and that essays will make you shine in college.

InstaGrok – Collect More Info About Your Topic

instaGrok- Get More Knowledge

If you selected any topic to speak out in Seminar and in other events then you will always want to gather more information about your topic and you can only get this information from internet.So to get the more information about your article just simply visit InstaGrok.

InstaGrok is a website will help you get vast information related to your topic.Just go to IsntaGrok,Type your topic name and hit the Grok button.

Rate My Professor – Review professors and School


Before Joining any school and going to professor you must check reviews on them.RateMyProfessor is one of the best website where you can Find professors and Schools and also you can rate your professors or check the reviews on your professor.

All you need to do is visit Rate My Professor and select an option which you want to do.To find your professor type your school name and department exactly there on website.

TED – Get New Ideas


Ted is a really good website where you can find many speeches that will motivate you a lot.On Ted you can find new ideas everyday and also you can give your opinion on that.So this one is great website to sharp your mind and fill it up with new ideas.

Dictionary – Online dictionary to get Definitions for the words

Dictionary-Get-definition-of-word is a really good website to get the exact meaning of the word and also you will get example of the word that where and how to use it.One another powerful option in Dictionary is Translation.You can translate any word to your desired language.There are variety of languages available.

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Interesting Engineering – Engineering Facts

Interesting-engineering-How-engineers works


Interesting Engineering is a wonderful website related to engineering where you can find that how the machines works.In website you can find every fact and knowledge related to any type engineering.The best thing about the website is that the videos are available here to watch and learn your desired information.

WikiHow – How To Guides About Everything


WikiHow is website that have a largest collection of How To Guides about everything.You can find guides about Technology,Computer,Health,Education,Travel,Business and much more.Wiki How Provides step wise guide on everything and this will make your work easier because step wise guides are always easy to understand.

Study Blues – Flashcards and Quizzes


It is fun to learn online and Study Blue is a website where you can do it.On StudyBlue you can find many Flashcards and Study Guides.On there you can learn everything about study either it is Maths or Biology,this website containing a too many study related resources.Website also provide quizzes to grow up your mind.

Google Drive – Save Your Important Documents


Nothing need to define for Google but we still listed this in our list.Google is a search engine giants where you can find almost everything around the world.Instead of searching,Google provide much more things like Google News,Drive and others.Google’s services always help you in many ways like if you are student you can store your important notes and other papers in Google Drive and you can access them from anywhere.This is a very helpful feature by Google.You can also try Drop Box to do this..

Final words

So now you got to know about good informative websites and here i would like to say these website can be helpful to everyone not only to College students.Here we just listed famous websites by searching through Google but you can also look for more websites on internet and choose your favourite website.

Please share this article with your friends so they can also learn something new from these websites and also you can comment below your questions regarding this article we will sure answer it.


  • Hi Gurpreet,

    Thanks for the complied list. I am soon going join college and seems like these websites can really be helpful. I am familiar with Wiki How and TED talks. TED talks are not only motivational but also high on educational value.

    Thanks for sharing. Glad to meet you at Aha!NOW. 🙂

    – Rohan.

  • Hello Gurpreet,
    You have provided an awesome list of websites. I think they are also important for passed out students too for important knowlegde and information.
    Thank you

  • An excellent list of the most useful websites that can not only help we students with our studies but we also can make money by selling books ! Very strange. Never heard of this before.

    Thanks a lot for sharing these sites with us. Continue the great job !

    • Thanks Paras for your comment.
      Yes we can make money but actually it need good writing skills and students those have creative minds can take advantage of this.